Griffin v Bonnar TUF1 – The Night That Changed UFC

Griffin v Bonnar TUF1 – The Night That Changed UFC

Saturday, 05 December 2015

Griffin v Bonnar  is one fight, and one night, which stands above all in UFC history.

This fight went viral before we knew what viral was, this fight caused people to pickup their phones and call people to make sure they were watching (yes actually call people) it was so epic.

UFC was in limbo at the time with the broadcaster Spike TV unsure about the future of the sport and unwilling to meet with Dana White.

That night 3.3 million viewers watched a UFC classic and the sporting landscape changed instantly.

For 3 rounds in 2005, the two men went toe-to-toe in a slugfest with a frantic pace. Niether willing quit until the final bell.

The full fight can be seen here on UFC Fight pass


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