PODCAST: Rebel Scum Radio – Star Wars News, No Mans Sky, Yowies + Mysteries of the Internet S01E11

PODCAST: Rebel Scum Radio – Star Wars News, No Mans Sky, Yowies + Mysteries of the Internet S01E11
PODCAST: Rebel Scum Radio – Star Wars News, No Mans Sky, Yowies + Mysteries of the Internet S01E11

Episode 11 of Rebel Scum Radio starts with the latest Star Wars Episode 8 news, Playstation 4.5 Neo Rumours, and No Mans Sky demo discussion. After the break we talk about Yowie sightings in south-east Australia, plus mysteries of the internet including Cicada 3301 and the Dark Web. So buckle up it quite a ride!

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Heroes Burger Diner

Star Wars 8 – like we’re making an independent film.

J.J. Abrams Backtracks Statement About Rey’s Parents

I Am Your Father DVD Release

Force Awakens DVD Review
– Full length Documentary – Secrets of Force Awakens
– Table reads
– Building BB8 – making creatures for the film
– Battle review of Snow Fight – Rey & Kylo Ren
– John Williams Score process
– Deleted scenes

Star Wars Fan Film – Star wars Downunder

Fan Film: Star Wars Downunder

Batman – Ben Affleck returns
Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct Standalone Batman Movie

PlayStation 4.5 NEO tipped to arrive this year

No Mans Sky – 15 minute demo set for June 21st release

Victoria Resident Claims Encounter with Bigfoot-Like Creature

Victoria Resident Claims Encounter with Bigfoot-Like Creature

Mysteries of the Internet!!!

Cicada 3301

A secret Group that posts Complex puzzles for people to solve, The purpose remains unknown with speculations ranging from CIA recruitment, M16 or online Hacking groups. The puzzles are usually posted on message boards on the Internet as well as the Dark Internet. However one guy (Joel Eriksson) actually solved a puzzle they posted.

The Deep Web & Mariana’s Web
Depending on who you ask, over 99% of the internet is not indexed by search engines. In this video, I explain the part of the internet known as the “deep web” or “dark web”.


Living Colour – Cult of personality
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Star Wars – Rebels Theme (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Flux-pavilion – Star-wars-rebels-theme-flux-pavilion-remix
Prince – 1999 (Mohamed Sadek’s 2016 Edit)
Mohamed-sadek – Prince-1999-mohamed-sadeks-2016-edit
We Didn’t Find the Yowie

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