PODCAST: Star Wars News + NYCC – Rebel Scum Radio S02E05

PODCAST: Star Wars News + NYCC – Rebel Scum Radio S02E05
PODCAST: Star Wars News + NYCC – Rebel Scum Radio S02E05

Well you Rebel Scum sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. Unfortunately the recording of our podcast had to be put straight to the trash can, it’s a shame, but it’s a rookie mistake that we have sorted out. So now you guys get to listen to me (all by myself) for 40 minutes talking about some Star wars news as a re-recording of our original topics. It’s not our greatest podcast – but it’s a Star wars podcast so it’s always good!

(You may hear my frustration with setting the gains too high from time to time on the original recording)

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio:
– NYCC News – tons of new toys revealed
– NYCC Writers Panel
– Star Wars Rogue One new Composer
– Star Wars until 2021
– Aussie Force V conference has new guest lined up
– Yoda Original story to be told by marvel comics
– Force Friday Toys
– Star Wars Rebels Season 3
– 2016 TV Show returns

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Rogue One Replaces Composer

Star Wars until 2021

Force V Star Wars Conference Guests announced

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere Review

‘Steps into Shadow’ – Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere Review

Untold Yoda Origin Story

Star Wars art by Ralph McQuarrie out Sep 27

Force Friday September 30th
• Tie Striker
• Death Troopers
• Admiral Thrawn Rebels
• Black series Toys

Display Collectors vs Box Collectors

Star Wars NYCC – Writers round table

Timothy Zahn Isn’t Worried About Thrawn’s Onscreen Star Wars Debut

Ezra Bridger Snoke Theory (1000 years is breaker)
Ahsoka Tano – Rogue One, Saw Gerrara in clone wars
Snoke – is he one of the Bendu?

*****TV shows*****

– Arrow 5th October – Deathstroke to return
– Flash 4th October – flashpoint storyline
– Gotham 19th September
– Agents of SHEILD 20th September
– Luke Cage 30th September
– Legends of Tomorrow 13th October
– Supergirl 10th October

– Westworld – HBO

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