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Missing 411 – Where are all the people?

Missing 411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of 1000’s of visitors in the National Parks & Forests of the United States and around the globe.

David Paulides is a writer, researcher, and investigative journalist who has now written five books investigating unsolved disappearances in national parks in a series titled The Missing 411.

Through his investigations Paulides has identified previously unseen patterns in these unsolved cases which include geo-graphic clusters of missing people, the eeirly similar yet incredibly odd circumstances of these cases, and the commonalities in the personal profiles of those missing.

These missing person cases show unmistakeable patterns which are so bizarre they beggars belief. Deeper investigation leads into a mystery that will challenge your very sense of reality.

The case of Dennis Martin led me down the Missing 411 rabbit hole and into a world I am still unable to understand.

This interview with David Paulides explains the nature of this case and lead you down the same disturbing rabbit hole:

If you would like to investigate further before the film is released we can highly recommend getting you hands the Missing 411 books by David Paulides directly from the website

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