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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

galaxy of heroes

Need more Star Wars™ before the Force Awakens on the 17th of December? Enter Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes published by EA (Electronic Arts) for Android and iOS – its out now and its FREE.

Galaxy of Heroes, developed by Capital Games is a Collectible Card RPG-style turn-based battle game where players collect their favorite heroes, characters, and ships from across the Star Wars™ universe.

For Fans this should be a treat and help the hours pass while we eagerly await The Force Awakens. Galaxy of Heroes takes its character base from the original classic trilogy as well as the popular Star Wars Rebels™ and Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ animated TV shows, as well as the much derided prequel films and The Force Awakens.

We have had play here at Rebel Scum Radio – so how does it stack up?

It is good looking game (especially on tablet), as the trailer above and gallery below highlight, however it initially ran a little rough on my HTC One M8 running Lollipop but those problems seemed to sort themselves out quickly.

When first starting you will be greeted by a lady explaining the game in some cantina like bar while being hassled out by some young Hutt jerk.

Now I am not sure why both these characters spoke in alien languages but it was a bit odd. The Hutt character I understand, but the cantina lady could have easily have spoken in english to make the opening sequence of the game a little cleaner and easier to grasp. However if you like reading subtitles all the time you’ll be fine.

The tutorial is pretty good at guiding you through the initial game mechanics and is especially good at pre-empting the special characters available when you get to specific levels (it better not be Jar Jar at level 4)

At launch the game includes almost 60 characters with more expected around the launch of The Force Awakens; so the only characters from the new film available right now are those already seen in the trailers, otherwise it’s old school all the way.

Each character naturally comes with unique attacks and abilities. For example, having Chewbacca on your team allows you to invoke Wookiee Rage, which it seems is akin to the Black Canaries ultrasonic scream, it’s never wise to upset a Wookie.

There isn’t too much strategy to the game really (well not as much as seen Hearthstone). However, to level up and build up your deck of characters as quickly as possible, you will need to understand your enemies strengths and weaknesses so you can set-up a team of heroes/villains to quickly win battles, and easily take down your friends and family in PvP to earn more character cards.

One feature that we havent seen yet in the few hours we’ve played, but we have read about elsewhere, is that the opposing sides of the force can get a little mixed with both the light and the dark teaming up.

Perhaps there is something these Force Awakens trailers are not telling us – has Luke finally brought balance to the Force?

There are IAP, it wouldn’t be a mobile game without them, but they really aren’t needed to play (especially early on). So by the time the movie is out you should have force choked all of the freebies out of this game and be ready to move on without spending a cent.

All in all this is a fun game but not a seemingly a deep one (although the idea of forming teams combined with characters from the light and dark sides is interesting), but don’t set your expectations too high just yet. New characters in the future could make this into something much more than it currently is.

If you need a Star Wars fix on the go then this is game should fill the void!

Download it Now:

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