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Behind the scenes with The X-Files Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson

xfiles reopened

The X-files returns to our television screens in January 2016 and the team at Fox have released a behind the scenes featurette with Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and the other key players as they take you on the epic journey of bringing this classic TV series. The show returns with a 6-episode run which will be a mixture of the core mythology of the show (2 episodes), along with standalone episodes (4 episodes).

*** SPOILER ALERT – Please note this featurette does contain spoilers so watch at your own risk.

As a young man I was exposed to a series of television shows and books which shaped and expanded my perspectives on the world, causing me to critically analyse information (whether that leads to disproving my own theories or not) – the X-Files was a key part of this.

The X-files exposed me to a pathway of research which led me to find out more about topics such as UFO’s, alien abduction, conspiracy theories, exorcism, cryptozoology, the list goes on and on.

While many in the paranormal field scoff when they hear the X-Files intro music associated with their research whenever it is discussed on mainstream media outlets it should actually be celebrated.

The X-files brings the paranormal to a mainstream audience and widens the discussion around the topics it covers. This can only be a good thing for all involved.

Its return increases the opportunity for primary data to be gathered by those same researchers out in the field by removing (or lessening) the stigma of “crazy” commonly associated with these topics.

This is why I am so excited by the return of the show as it opens opportunity to find the truth, and for a new generation to take the lead.


The other key pieces of media which led to me to look for more UFO information:

UFO Cover-up Live -1988 (Television Special)

Beyond Top Secret – Timothy Good (Paperback)

The X-Files – 1993-2002 (Television Series)



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