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Michael Bay to direct Transformers 5

Michael Bay has confirmed he will direct his last Transformers movie when he takes the reigns of Transformers 5.

In October Hasbro chief content officer Steven J. Davis confirmed that Transformers 5, 6, 7 and 8 are all in the works.

Paramount’s announcement of Bay as director of Transformers 5, and Bay’s announcement that it will be his last for the franchise, is a bitter-sweet moment for some fans.

It is sweet that Transformers 5 is being made, however it would be great for the franchise to reboot and walk away from the Michael Bay era of Transformers for a treatment that is closer to the artistic vision many fans long for (as seen in Transformers Devastation video game).

Transformers Devastation

I make do secret for how much I dislike Michael Bay and what he represents.

I don’t like his Transformers films and I never will – but its more than just that. Bay has produced poor films and damaged franchises with a series of hideous re-boots.

Armageddon, Pearl Harbour, and The Rock are horribly clichéd films, however it is as a producer where he has re-booted most often and done it poorly.

His dishonour roll reads:

I don’t dislike all of his films to be fair – Bad Boys (1995) and Pain and Gain (2013) are both entertaining films.

Recently George Lucas made an enlightening point about the modern Hollywood film making machine and their focus on profit over creativity; a point which was lost amongst the “white slavers” controversy.

“The only way you could really do that [make profits] is not take chances. Only do something that’s proven,” Lucas explained.

“You gotta remember, ‘Star Wars’ came from nowhere. ‘American Graffiti‘ came from nowhere. There was nothing like it. Now, if you do anything that’s not a sequel or not a TV series or doesn’t look like one, they won’t do it!”

To me Michael Bay, and his films, represent everything bad about modern films.

I acknowledge that I have been part of the problem in the past, gobbling up B-grade facsimiles of my childhood favourites, but I am not getting caught out EVER AGAIN!

Today is a sad day.

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