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Who doesn’t want Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Simpsons or Game of Thrones figurines decorating their desktop at work? Well now you have a valid reason with Tribe  releasing a series of awesome USB enabled figurines at CES2016 this year.

The team at IGN showed of a few of these in a video over the weekend and I instantly imagined work to be a much better place.

The only problem is I doubt I would ever get them back if I loaned one out so I would need to start-up some kind of USB register and sign them in and out, and then probably setup kind of 24-hour surveillance on my desk.

The Italian USB figure manufacturer will release the drives  in 8 or 16 GB models.

Pricing is about $30 AUD ($20USD) for 8GB, $35 AUD ($24USD) for 16GB.

They work by popping off the head of the figurine and then plugging them into your computer.

IGN noted that some of these USB drives at CES2016 are prototypes only and some are not available for sale in specific regions such as the USA.

While figurines for Game of Thrones, The Force Awakens, and DC Comics are not currently available there are plenty of existing items to get your collection started.

Some of our favourites from the Tribe website are in the gallery below:

To view the full range of USB devices from Tribe please click here: 


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