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Conor McGregor: I would whoop WWE’s Sheamus

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UFC fighter Conor McGregor and WWE Superstar Sheamus have exchanged blows on Twitter. The two proud Irishmen are major stars in their respective promotions however when asked in a recent interview on ‘SI Now” who would prevail in a street fight between the two McGregor was pretty clear on the outcome.

“I would whoop his ass.” McGregor decreed.

“This is real here what I do. It would be no contest.”

Now of course we all know WWE is not real although the athletes do put themselves through a gruelling physical schedule and put their health at risk quite often for the entertainment of WWE fans.

Sheamus, who was recovering from injury at the time, fired back on Twitter after watching the ‘SI Now’ the interview.

“ok @SInowLIVE @ufc @TheNotoriousMMA, Conor wins. I don’t hit featherweights or shoeshine boys. Mouth off to @BrockLesnar fella, I’m injured.”

Conor McGregor returned fire with a tweet that would have Vince McMahon salivating in his office as he struggles to find a main event at Wrestlemania 32 on April 4th that will fill a 100,000 seat stadium.

“@WWESheamus, @BrockLesnar fought PURE, phoney. Me and Brock Vs You and any shmuck of your choice. #CelticPhoney #TagTeam @JRsBBQ @WWE @UFC” Conor replied.

“Had bigger dumps after a salad @TheNotoriousMMA lad. U can hold @BrockLesnar’s @WWE title while the big boys duke-it-out. Win @ufc title 1st” Sheamus jibed, taking shot at McGregor’s featherweight stature.

McGregor upped the reality with “@WWESheamus @BrockLesnar @WWE @ufc Careful now scaldy, you will wake up with no teeth and your nose on my mantle. #CelticPhoney #NeverFought”

Of course it was all for fun with McGregor publicly stating he has utmost respect for Sheamus going and doing what he said he was going to do and making a name for himself in the WWE.

We know Ronda Rousey popped up at Wreslemania 31 last year in a promo spot with the Rock (Dwayne Johnson). Could Conor McGregor show up in a similar role at what is going to be the largest Westlmania in history at AT&T stadium in Texas infront of 100,000?

These are the types of promotional moves which are smart for UFC as it continues its push into the mainstream of pop-culture.

Imagine Conor McGregor interfering with a match between an ‘Authority backed’ Sheamus against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship and getting Brock the win infront of 100,000 screaming fans.

It will never happen but it is insane to think about the noise levels if it did.

If only Roman Reigns wasn’t in the picture spoiling the deal.

Maybe a Triple Threat Match to fit Reigns in the picture is the way to promotional glory for WWE and UFC.

What do you think?

Has UFC out grown the need to do such cross promotions, or do WWE need it more to boost their flagging TV ratings and WWE Network Subscriptions?

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