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Rebel Scum – the best Star Wars fan film ever made

Rebel Scum - Fanmade Film

Rebel Scum, by Blood Brother Cinema, is the best Star Wars fan film ever made. You can definitely feel the love and devotion they have for the Star Wars universe in this awesome 9-minute short film. We promise there are no spoilers in this article.

Rebel Scum was filmed over a period of 2 months on the Athabasca Glacier situated on the Columbia icefield in Alberta Canada. The team travelled to the icefields on weekends often in conditions of -30°C, having to build thermal rigs to avoid freezing their cameras during the shoots.

Not only did they weather  freezing conditions to film Rebel Scum but they have also successfully recreated the feel of the original trilogy by using the pain staking process of stop-motion animation in conjunction with modern computer animation techniques.

Stop-motion can take over 8 hours to produce only 3-4 seconds of footage.

Joshaih Swaim, the Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Animator on Rebel Scum, explains why they went with a mix of  stop-motion and CGI.

“So one of the reasons why we decided to go with an interesting mix of old stop-motion technology with new computer animation technology is because on a small budget project like this you don’t have an entire team of animators, and you kind of want to get back to the roots and soul of Star Wars, it’s a good opportunity to mix these two together because it makes it more practical and gives it more life that it wouldn’t have if I tried to animate it alone” explained Swaim.

“Yeah, it can be jerky at times but it definitely has a lot more soul to it”.

Filled with soul this short film is.

Director Timothy Van Nguyen thanked the Star Wars community for their support during the filming of Rebel Scum.

“We just wanted to show our gratitude and thank all of you for your support, the amazing Star Wars community that has embraced this project.”

Rebel Scum is simply an awesome piece of fan fiction and shows again when you do something you love only greatness can result.

Watch some of the behind the scenes footage taken by Blood Brother Cinema during the making of Rebel Scum.

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