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Star Wars Episode VIII : Start of the Title Rumours


The Star Wars Episode 8 rumour mill is building nicely though most need to be taken with a grain of salt. The working title for Episode 8 was confirmed to be “Space Bear,” leaving an avid and eager legion of fans keen to know what the real title of the film will be.

Recently two rumoured titles emerged online.

The first of these rumours have it that the real title of Episode 8 is “Star Wars : Tale of The Jedi Temple”.

Now this sounds a little too “Star Wars Rebels” and a little too “Indiana Jones” for our liking here at Rebel Scum Radio. So we are calling shenanigans on this title.

The rumour emerged from a post on Reddit when a supposed Star Wars promotional card with the title “Tale of The Jedi Temple” appeared. The original poster claimed that the post was removed which further fuelled fires of speculation but it just seems all too convienient.

Unless of course it was a planned leak by Disney to gauge the Star Wars communities reaction to such a “Disney” title.

I think they got their answer. No.

This title sounds too long and clumsy for a Star Wars film.

A second rumoured title “Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side” has also emerged amongst the rumour mill.  Again it is just too “Disney”.

“Star Wars: The Dark Order” might work I guess.

Either way I cannot see how either of these titles are genuine.

They may have been up on white board somewhere at Disney but they are just too clumsy to be legit.

We will let you know if we hear any updates. If you have any ideas for the title of Episode 8 leave your comments.

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