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Star Wars : Rogue One Trailer set for release with Batman vs Superman?

Rogue One

Disney’s recent annual shareholders meeting showed a brief clip to the attendees of Star Wars: Rogue One. The short clip shown has been said to show some different style Stormtroopers and Imperial vehicles. However a possible leaked trailer could tell us a little more.

A report was sent through to the team at /Film describing the promotional reel read as follows:

Most of it was very quick. A shot of the black Stormtrooper, possibly called Death Troopers as previously reported, another pic of that same style of helmet and armour but all chrome, reminiscent of Captain Phasma from The Force Awakens, an image showed two AT-ATs that had a slightly different look with the door panel on the side of the body painted a lighter beige colour. And a couple cast photos were shown, one of Felicity & Diego Luna and another of Donnie Yen. The clip featured Felicity’s character on what looked like the inside of a ship or shuttle with her arm up holding on and the hatch/ramp open behind her. I wish I could remember what she said as part of the sizzle but it went by too fast. The new Stormtroopers looked great. …

It all looked great, had a classic Star Wars/A New Hope look & feel. Bob Iger said that they didn’t have footage but that it & Episode VIII had been filming as previously stated. I’m definitely more excited for the film since it will be set close to the classic trilogy time & like I said it definitely had a similar look/feel.

Bob Iger, Chairman of Disney, also had this to say about Star Wars: Rogue One at the Disney meeting:

It’s our first original standalone Star Wars story. It’s about a band of rebels who are plotting to steal the plans for the Death Star. The action takes place right before the events in the very first Star Wars movie, Episode IV, which was called A New Hope. And I can’t wait for you to see it, it’s in theatres this December.

This is an interesting report upon the timelines in which Rogue One is set. As making the film fit in visually to the world of a Star Wars: A New Hope must be quite a challenge for director Gareth Edwards, but are they even trying to do that? Maybe not if they are introducing new Stormtroopers and Imperial Vehicles to the mix.

However, news that it has a similar look and feel to the original trilogy fills me with a new hope (see what I did there?)

One last thing 9and its kind of a big thing), this week a supposed leaked Rogue One trailer surfaced online. However there are question marks about it as the “Anthology” logo used within it makes it seem to be an old trailer similar to the teaser shown at Star Wars Celebration in 2015.

However the title Rogue1_BvS_1_1.mxf indicates a few things also which should not be ignored.

Firstly, the mxf file format used is a professional digital video and audio format.

Secondly, BvS could represent a sneak Rogue One preview prepared for the launch of the Batman vs Superman film on March 24.

So I mark this trailer as legit and pretty interesting.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016

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