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Team Negative One completes restoration of Star Wars: A New Hope

Star wars cleanup Comparison

A long time ago in a movie studio far, far away George Lucas took the original Star Wars experience away from us and hid it from us. Well a group of Star Wars fans dubbed Team Negative One have turned the tables and are restoring the original.

Now this isn’t just any old YouTube fan edit/resotation reversing the decisions made by George Lucas. This is something much more special.

Star Wars fans have long yearned for an untainted version of the original trilogy without any of the Special Edition CGI additions that came with the re-release of the films in the late 1990’s.

Team Negative One found an original 35mm film print of the first Star Wars film, and took on the epic task of restoring it to its original glory. Scanning each frame of film and digitally restoring it to create the cleanest edition possible.

As Team Negative One’s edit was sourced from a theatrical 35mm print, several generations away from the original negative, it appears to be grainer and not quite so sharp but it is better for it.

The colours are much more natural and reflect the genuine look of the original trilogy, a look that was lost in the official digital DVD updates

Check out the difference between the Team Negative One restoration and the Blu-Ray release below. What do you think?

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