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Star Wars Disneyland themepark concepts

George Lucas Disney

Disney’s Star Wars themes parks planned for Disneyland, California, and at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, are going to be out of this world.

Fans of the worlds biggest film franchise will be able to finally live out their dreams and fly the Millennium Falcon, or pop in for a quick glass of blue milk at the wretched hive of scum and villainy – the Mos Eisley Space Port cantina.

Each of new theme parks will span over an area of 14 acres and staffed by all you favourite charcaters from the movies an we are sure a few new ones (please no Jar Jar’s Bar).

Unfortuntely there is no set time table as of yet and with another 5 films to come in the next 5 years and then another 5 rumoured after 2020. Who knows how many Star Wars lands may be built?

I am not too sure about this.

Is Disney drowning us with too much Star Wars over the next decade? Is there even a thing as “too much Star Wars”?

I hope not but we are all about to find out.

If Disney screw it up then we will just need to have a rebellion.


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