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Best Burgers In Melbourne

Heroes Burgers melbourne

In the last year there has been an influx of gourmet burger outlets in Melbourne, and almost every week we’d hear of new joint that had popped up that creates amazing burgers. But nothing would have prepared us for our next burger-venture, when we heard about a new place called ‘Heroes Burger Diner’ that sells burgers and has a selection of comics in line for our reading pleasure, the nerds that we are couldn’t believe it. It was a dream come true — delicious burgers and comics, what more could we ask for?



When we got there, the interior looked like a comic book store that has been converted into a burger diner. It was decorated with comic book wallpaper, posters and Marvel/DC action figures placed along the counter, but our eyes instinctively went straight for the menu. You can either go for a Marvel Burger or a DC Hotdog, I went with a Marvel Burger (even though I’m a DC fanboy); it was the flawless ‘Big Beef’ and with the first bites into our respective burgers our favourite burger joint was cemented.



After our second visit to Heroes Burger Diner, we can say without a doubt that they make the best burgers in Melbourne. The burgers are great value, they are cheap but they are big. From the onion rings to the Oreo milkshakes, this burger diner in Hampton Park deserves a visit, and did I mention they bake their own buns!



This fine establishment is located near The Hampton Park Shopping Centre, you have to turn into Fordholm Road from Hallam Road, and Heroes Burger Diner will be on your right.

Address: 14/6 Fordholm Rd, Hampton Park VIC 3976


Trading Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11am–9pm



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