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Sony E3 Conference 2016 Highlights

Sony e3

The annual E3 gaming expo brings much excitement and anticipation (and a sprinkling of WTF) each year and 2016 was no exception. E3 kicked off big with the Sony press conference and it definitely had excitement. As a PlayStation devotee who has invested in pre-ordering the PlayStation VR I was sitting on the edge of my chair for this conference. What happened next excited me both for the future of gaming as a whole and also the future of the PlayStation platform.

Firstly the PlayStation VR launch confirmation.

PlayStation VR has a confirmed launch date of October 13 2016, will cost $399USD (~$540AUD) and will have about 50 launch titles for early adopters to use for what should prove to be the most well developed VR platform in the marketplace.


So what games are coming out? We will look at the best games announce by Sony at this years E3. Get ready for this!

Click through the 15 highlights below – they keep getting better and better.

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