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New Star Wars Rogue One Photos Emerge

Deathtroopers prowling on a tundra

A new batch of photos from Star Wars Rogue One have emerged on EW this week. They look like mixture of heavily stylised marketing shots and film shots and they are just what the movie need to ease the concerns building amongst fan groups on the internet.

Star Wars Rogue One hype is beginning to steadily build, and so “leaks” will begin to flow readily (and often) as the Disney marketing machine shifts into top gear. Recently there have been rumours of massive re-shoots (most of which have been debunked), however re-shoots can never be a good thing especially in they are done to appease the Disney marketing team rather than the address any creative issues within the film.

We get Stormtroopers seemingly hanging out at the beach (Spring Break? It hard work building a Death Star).

In the rest of the photos Star Wars fans get to see a little more detail about our new lead hero Jyn Erso, Deathtroopers, Commandos, AT-AT’s and of course the cover of this issues EW Magazine confirms that Darth Vader will be back!

You can check out some of the images for yourself in the gallery below and head over to EW to see the rest and some more details surrounding the characters. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will land in theaters on December 16, 2016.

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