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Transformers: Combiner Wars to premiere this August


Transformers: Combiner Wars was announced by Hasbro as the latest Transformers animated series and will launch on social media platform go90. Everyone’s favourite robots in disguise will first air on August 2nd 2016.

Hasbro and Machinima unveiled the first images from Transformers: Combiner Wars during the announcement this week and the artwork looks amazing. Especially exciting is the artwork depicting a very G1 looking Starscream which brought a tear to this old Transformers fans eye (especially after the diabolical treatment of the Transformers aesthetic in the recent Michael bay films).

In addition the main series starting on August 2nd , a four-part prelude series will also stream on June 28 via YouTube and Facebook. This web-based series will introduce fans not familiar with the Combiner Wars storyline a look at the current state of Cybertron from the points of view of four characters.

The series is produced by Machinima is the first time the Transformers franchise has launched a digital-first series.

Stephen Davis, Hasbro’s Chief Content Officer, explained why the partnership with Machinima is so exciting for the franchise.

“Machinima is known as a leader of the digital content space and has tremendous creative talent within their network. We are excited to partner with them to tell a new kind of Transformers story for the digital generation.”

“The writers, artists and voice actors working on this series are all true fans of the franchise, and their love for these characters really shines through in Combiner Wars” stated Davis.

For those of you not familiar with the Hasbro “Combiner Wars” toy series, it focuses upon the Transformers with the ability to merge and form into more powerful and combined versions of themselves. G1 fans will be familiar with characters seen in past Transformers shows, with the likes of Devastator and Superion being among the first robots formed from a team of combiners although they do go through some serious changes in the comic storylines by IDW.

IDW published Combiner Wars in a six-issue “event” storyline spanning both The Transformers title and the second Windblade miniseries. The comic series sees tensions surrounding the IDW universe’s combiners – including the newly-rebuilt (but familiar) Superion, Devastator, and Menasor, and new combiners Defensor, Optimus Maximus, and Victorion.

These tensions come to a head when the Starscream-led Cybertron re-establishes contact with the long-lost colony Caminus, turning what had been a simmering arms race into an all-out war.

To get more familiar with the Combiner Wars toyline before the series launches checkout Hasbro’s Official Combiner Wars webpage.


Or if you want to know more about the entire Combiner Wars storyline then this video by Comicstorian sums up the complete story in 17 minutes.

Let us know what you think of Transformers: Combiner wars in the comments area below.

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