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CM Punk reflects on MMA journey with Ariel Helwani

CM Punk reflects on MMA journey

For those of you that don’t know I am a huge pro-wrestling fan. WWE, ROH, PWG, New Japan – you name I will watch it.

We don’t discuss it much on the podcast but I relate things back to the world of pro wrestling quite often.

CM Punk was the only wrestler in WWE to hold my attention for close to a decade as I grew older, and the post-Attitude Era blues settled in. He was great on the mic, better in the ring, and was ‘real’.

That reality is why I have followed his MMA journey so closely. It’s why “Cult of Personality” is the song which embraces what our podcast is about – three guys just expressing themselves about the things we love. Not to be the biggest podcast in the world but to be a podcast which reflects who we really are with no set rules.

The values by which CM Punk lives his life are ones which should inspire the younger generations and older generations alike.

His straight edge lifestyle choices should be a guide for everyone in a world where the pressures of life can sometimes be too much and drugs and alcohol and be an easy solution.

For those Gen X’ers out there it goes to show that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and do what you love.

I love CM Punk (aka Phil Brooks) for everything he has done as an entertainer, but more importantly what he stands for:

Do what you love, experience life – no regrets.

In his fight at UFC 203 there will be a result in his match with Mickey Gall – but no matter if it’s in his favour or not CM Punk will be the winner!

In this interview with Ariel Helwani at MMMfighting,com 72 hours before his long-awaited mixed martial arts debut, CM Punk, the former WWE champion, to reflect on his journey up until this point and his upcoming fight against Mickey Gall.

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