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“The Prequels Strike Back” – A Star Wars Prequels Documentary

The Prequels Strike Back

“The Prequels Strike Back” follows a Star Wars fans journey as he strives to understand the methodologies behind cinema’s most controversial trilogy and its creator George Lucas. During this investigation into the Star Wars prequel films we discover that we may need to unlearn what we have learned and look at the prequel saga with new eyes.

It has been almost two decades since Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released in cinemas much to excitement of a fervent Star Wars fan base at the time. Ever since that fateful day in 1999 Star Wars fans have discussed, debated, fought, and in my case even wrestled over the perceived shortcomings of George Lucas’ prequel trilogy.

Original trilogy Star Wars fans were delivered Jar Jar Binks, Darth Maul, podracing, trade federations, and midichlorians. Add to that the debate over the performances of Hayden Christensen (Anakin SkyWalker) and Natalie Portman (Padmé), and the perceived overuse of CGI – it is no wonder that the prequel trilogy ended up leaving many existing Star Wars fans scratching their heads in disappointment when leaving cinemas in 1999.

The debate has been discussed through previous documentaries such as 2010’s The People vs. George Lucas, which included an analysis of the Star Wars expanded universe, the digital re-imaginings of the original trilogy and their reception by the fans, and the anticipation and excitement leading into Episode 1 and befuddlement and rage experienced by Star Wars fans after seeing the film. This story however was generally told from the personal point of view of older Star Wars fans which had grown up with the original trilogy.

Enter “The Prequels Strike Back” which gives us a new take on the prequel trilogy from a different set of eyes.

In an interview with Jesse Tschopp at Bradley Weatherholt of Ministry of Cinema, the production company behind the project, explained what the film is all about and how it’s different from other Star Wars documentaries:

“The Prequels Strike Back is a documentary about the stories behind the Star Wars prequels. Anyone who is a Star Wars fan, or has been on the Internet once or twice in their life, has a profound awareness of the vocal group of fans disappointed in the prequels. This documentary is about those militaristic fans, the less vocal minority opinion, as well as a few other theories surrounding the Star Wars prequels. Most notable of these theories is Mike’s work on Ring Composition with the saga.”

“The inspiration for the film came after reading Mike’s theory. It had a very strange effect on me. I was never a complete prequel hater, but I did kinda subscribe to the almost obligatory fan position of “the prequels suck.” Mike’s theory allowed me to take a step back, and for the first time entertain the notion that there could be something very substantial going on in the prequels. I’m not an absolute convert. In fact, I’m not an absolute anything on the prequels, and I think that’s the philosophy behind the documentary. If you fall into absolutes, you miss a lot of cool ideas involving the entire saga.”

As part of the Star Wars community that has denigrated the quality of the prequel films in comparison to the original trilogy the team here at RSR will be interesting to listen to another generation’s take on the films – they may do the unthinkable and say they are great.

It could be true… from a certain point of view


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