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Kathleen Kennedy’s time appears almost up as head of Lucasfilm


Yub Nub everyone. If rumours from Grace Randolph’s sources are correct Kathleen Kennedy’s time as  President of Lucasfilm is more or less over as Bob Iger head of Disney searches for a replacement to steady a Star Wars ship that was heavily listing to the left. This brings into the clarity the apparent confusion swirling around the proposed series of Star Wars anthology films (rumoured to be Boba Fett and Obi-Wan) as how can these films be produced under a President on the way out that leaves a divided Lucasfilm creative team behind.

Popular film critic and YouTuber Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer states that her sources deep inside Pinewood Studios were made aware of a secret conference call between Bob Iger and all the “top Star Wars brass” with key members of Pixar and Marvel teams also listening in on the massive issues within the Star Wars franchise.

The key point on the agenda – replacing Kathleen Kennedy and refocusing the Star Wars brand at its traditional core audience  – “the engine” – and making balanced films that appeal to everyone.

The problem – nobody, not even J.J. Abrams, wants to take on the poisoned chalice that is Star Wars. Especially if elements of Kathleen Kennedy’s team remain behind after her removal.

So until a replacement is found, or steps forward (please step forward David Filoni we love you), the current Lucasfilm power base gets a reprieve with results of Star Wars Episode IX playing a key role in a final decision. Randolph posits that if “new” Star Wars fans step up and produce the same revenue seen from the traditional core audience then things could change but this is unlikely to happen.

Will they see the movie multiple times and buy mountains of merchandise? If history is to be the judge the answer is NO.

There is just not enough “new” Star Wars fans to replace the revenue that has been lost. As written in my article about SJW “Poochies” hijacking the Star Wars franchise, it is time the SJW element in Hollywood put time and effort into creating something new of their own. Perhaps Disney could greenlight Kathleen Kennedy and her team a new franchise, where they can build a new SJW universe from scratch. This may also work to keep the peace in the transition to new Lucasfilm leadership and remove the division in the creative team.

Hopefully, the balance will come to Star Wars soon before it becomes a parody of itself.


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