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Hasbro to announce new retro Kenner-style figure line

Kenner Star wars

For years Star Wars kids of the 70’s and 80’s have been customizing vintage Kenner figures to fill in the voids left by the original Kenner design team but those days look like they will soon end. has reported that Hasbro/Kenner will soon announce a new retro Star Wars toy line featuring figures missed in the original line.

We wonder what figures there will be? Imperial Dignitary #2 perhaps?

Here is our list of vintage Kenner figures we would have loved as kids.

While there is no news on any new retro playsets and vehicles there were a few playsets and vehicles never made for the original Kenner’s 3.75″ line. I have omitted the Skyhopper and Tie Bomber as these were released in the 1990’s POTF and POTJ lines.


So these are the figures announced by Hasbro thus far all images are from :

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