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Stranger Things Season 2 Details Announced

Season 2 Stranger Things Netflix

Stranger Things Season 2 will turn the world upside down in 2017. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly the Duffer Brothers teased us ‘Thing-ers’ with some details about the new season. Firstly it was confirmed that the upcoming season will nine episodes long and be set a year later in 1984. “For us, there’s still more […]

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Stranger Things concept art hints at season 2 monster


Stranger Things has been the most acclaimed original Netflix TV shows and one of the most talked-about shows online this year. The ’80s inspired science fiction series has also dominated the ratings, surpassing Making a Murderer and House of Cards to become one of Netflix’s highest ratings shows ever. It is the TV shows mixture of  Goonies, Aliens, Twin Peaks, Silent Hill, […]

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How much do you know about the ‘Suicide Squad’?

Suicide Squad

A Cool Infographic for The Suicide Squad Suicide Squad is less than a month away from its premiere and the level of excitement is increasing. Can DC finally make it’s mark in the cinematic universe? Will Jared Leto win us over? who knows, only time will tell. A cool infographic found its way online, which […]

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Star Wars Prequels – What They Should Have Been

star wars prequels

The Star Wars Prequels We Deserved Star Wars prequels have plagued many a fanboy for years on end. But one YouTuber named BanditIncorporated may have the answer the will bring peace to the realm. BanditIncorporated spent a considerable amount of time creating these videos, It’s his own take on what the prequels could’ve been. Bandit narrates the story while doing […]

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Indiana Jones 5 : “It won’t be just a one-off”

indiana jones

Disney has big plans for Indiana Jones even if they are not totally clear. Disney CEO Bob Iger sat down with THR for an interview about Disney’s other big Lucasfilm franchise. In the interview Iger answers questions about plans for the “indy universe” and confirms there will be more films. THR: You have another Lucasfilm […]

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Transformers: Combiner Wars to premiere this August


Transformers: Combiner Wars was announced by Hasbro as the latest Transformers animated series and will launch on social media platform go90. Everyone’s favourite robots in disguise will first air on August 2nd 2016. Hasbro and Machinima unveiled the first images from Transformers: Combiner Wars during the announcement this week and the artwork looks amazing. Especially exciting […]

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New Star Wars Rogue One Photos Emerge

Deathtroopers prowling on a tundra

A new batch of photos from Star Wars Rogue One have emerged on EW this week. They look like mixture of heavily stylised marketing shots and film shots and they are just what the movie need to ease the concerns building amongst fan groups on the internet. Star Wars Rogue One hype is beginning to steadily build, and so […]

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TMNT Krang

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows has already pleased fans with their faithful translations of Bebob and Rocksteady. After much concern it looks like Krang, the evil alien brain from Dimension X, will stay pretty much on-point as well. In previous trailers and TV spots we have seen small glimpses of Krangs eye […]

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