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Google Wants you to pick a side – the light or the dark?

Star Wars Choose a side

Google, in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Disney, can now deliver the Star Wars experience into just about every Google app and service you can think of – Star Wars EVERYWHERE!!! In the lead-up to Star Wars: the Force Awakens fans can pick between the light side and the dark side on Once registered apps like […]

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

galaxy of heroes

Need more Star Wars™ before the Force Awakens on the 17th of December? Enter Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes published by EA (Electronic Arts) for Android and iOS – its out now and its FREE. Galaxy of Heroes, developed by Capital Games is a Collectible Card RPG-style turn-based battle game where players collect their favorite […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy in Star Wars Mashup

The latest Star Wars / Guardians of the Galaxy mashup trailer created by YouTuber Alex Luthor brings together footage from the two epic space opera’s into a fanboys dream. What do think? With Marvel and Lucasfilm under the disney umbrella could the semingly impossible crossover be possible? If they do then just set a release […]

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Han Solo coming to Sydney

Han Solo Chewbacca

There has been a disturbance in the force – something Australian Star Wars fans have not sensed since … well ever! Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is now confirmed for a Sydney Star Wars event at the Sydney Oprera House on the 10th of December – and you can see him for free before the launch of […]

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Too many Star Wars Spoliers? Get Star Wars Blocker

Star Wars Spoilers

In the first edition of the Rebel Scum Radio podcast we discussed if the tidal wave of Star Wars trailers and TV spots on the internet were spoiling the much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens set for release on December 17. We here at RSR agreed that while we have been exposed to many of the characters of the […]

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