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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 12

    Rebel Scum Radio

Episode 12 of Rebel Scum Radio. This week on Rebel Scum Radio we have:

– Star Wars Bloodline & Force Awakens Novels & Episode 8 rumours
– Star Wars Documentary Films – I Am Your Father & Elstree 1976
– Nintendo NX launch Dates
– Punisher to Netflix
– DC Expanded Universe in chaos
– Real-life VR uses
– AI Soccer team first sign of the coming apocalypse
– Life-Sized Noahs Ark ready to hit the seas
– Don’t dry your balls in Iceland
– Captain America: Civil War Discussion
– Flash Back Review: The Last StarFighter

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Star Wars – Bloodline – essential reading for new star wars universe…ssential-reading

The Force Awakens Novel – what did we learn?…rce-awakens-novel

DVD Review – I am your Father (David Prowse Darth Vader doco) + Elstree 1976 Doco

Episode 8 Rumour Mill

What is going on at Warner Bros? – DC Chaos
Zack Snyder out?…-set-part-ways/
Seth Grahame-Smith out due to “creative differences”…e-one-director/

Batfleck Batman crammed with villains to create the definitive Batman movie…ammed-with-villains

Punisher Confirmed for Netflix…ies-to-netflix/

We have a new Tomb Raider…der-lara-croft/

Nintendo NX to launch March 2017…aunch-in-march-2017

VR used in live presidential debates…l-reality-gear-vr/

Robotic Soccer Team defeats Humans…up-match-in-china

Threat to humanity in next 5 years – AI?…n-five-years/

Life Sized Noahs Ark ready to hit the seas…f=weird-news

Don’t dry your balls in Iceland…eir-nether-reg/

Captain America: Civil War Movie Discussion (*** SPOILERS ***)

Flash Back Review: The Last Star Fighter (*** SPOILERS ***)
Making of Documentary:

Living Colour – Cult of personality
Google Play:

Simon Shackleton – Elite Force – Captain America (2011)
Simon_shackleton – Elite-force-captain-america

80 Strange Robots – The Last Starfighter
80-strange-robots – The-last-starfighter

NEW RETRO WAVE v.2 PT.15 – Craig Safan – The Last Starfighter Theme (1984)
New-retro-wave-v-2-pt-15 – Craig-safan-the-last-starfighter-theme-1984