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Rebel Scum Radio – Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Special (**SPOILERS**)

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 24

    Rebel Scum Radio

In this special holiday edition of Rebel Scum Radio we discuss the latest Star wars film Rogue One including:

CGI – is it a problem in Rogue One
Our favourite characters in Rogue One
How Rogue One could relate to Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens
The Rogue One soundtrack
We rank the best droids in Star Wars
Rogue One Cameos and Easter Eggs
How well Rogue One blends in with A New Hope and Star Wars Rebels
And where we rank Rogue One as film overall in the lexicon of Star Wars films
and much much more

Rogue One Trailer

Rogue One Cast & Characters

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