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Rebel Scum Radio – Rogue One discussion + Ghostbusters Trailer Review

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 8

    Rebel Scum Radio

Episode 8 of Rebel Scum Radio features the latest news in the Star Wars world Rogue One trailers leaks, Star Wars VIII title rumours, Uncharted 4 game delays, the 35mm restoration of A New Hope by the team at Negative One, the Paramount vault, Moon Shot documentary by J.J. Abrams, HTC Hive VR info, PLUS our discussion of the Ghostbusters movie trailer …. hmm … the Ghostbusters movie trailer, and much, much more.


Rumoured titles for Star Wars Episode VIII…-title-rumours/

Rogue One trailer leak…an-vs-superman/

Star Wars Negative One restoration of 35mm Star Wars A New Hope…-wars-new-hope/

10 New Star Wars films still to come – 5 more rumoured…caf154683e12b97c0

Uncharted 4 delayed to April…poned-may-10th/

Ghostbusters trailer + Paranormal SubLabs Featurette…busting-ghosts/

Paramount vault

HTC Hive VR sells out 15,000 units in 10 minutes…minutes-enough/

Moon Shot documentary – Google Lunar X Prize…le-reach-stars/

Aperions Knight of Old Republic footage released…footage-reveal/

Thirdphaseofmoon – UFO hoaxers extraordinaire

“How to move to Canada” searches sky rocket during presidential debates…r-tuesday-results

Cool Beans – Hot Rod

Star Wars Figurines – Plastic Galaxy Trailer
X-men 90s Cartoon –

Monkey Magic –

Submission Radio – The worlds greatest MMA podcast

The meaning of Life – Suffer in your jocks

An Australian expression wishing misfortune on the recipient, similar to “eat shit and die”. “Jocks” is a general Australian term for underwear, so you are more or less wishing the person an acute attack of explosive diarrhoea.

As heard in the popular Aussie film “The Castle”.
Daryl Kerrigan to opposing counsel, after winning court case: “Suffer in your jocks!”


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