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Rebel Scum Radio – S01 E03 Star Wars Force Awakens Special

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 3

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***Warning may contain what could be deemed as mild spoilers***

In this special episode of Rebel Scum Radio Jono and Karl sit down to discuss their thoughts on the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens – was it any good? Take a listen and find out.

After two sittings in the first day of its release we discuss how the J.J. Abrams vision of Star Wars stood up against previous Star Wars films, how well the new and old characters blended with the new, the use of CGI and special effects, the tone of the film, is it suitable for kids, who wears Spock ears to Star Wars, and give our final ratings and rankings of The Force Awakens.

If you haven’t seen the film then I would encourage you to wait before listening. We have tried hard to not give away any of the plot here as seeing The Force Awakens with absolutely no sense of what may come will enhance your experience. Enjoy

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