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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 29

    Rebel Scum Radio

In the latest episode of Rebel Scum Radio we preview our wish list for Star Wars Celebration Orlando this week, discuss the latest Star Wars Episode 8 and 9 News, Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale, Netflix Iron Fist discussion, Nintendo Mini hands-on review.

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Episode 9 to have carries fisher using existing footage…-carrie-fisher/

Episode 9 Script complete…t-completed-2037816

Ewan Macgregor in Obi-Wan Stand alone film?…jedi-movie-2020/

Back stories of Star wars characters – 40 storybook series…axy-far-far-away

LEGO Freemaker Adventures season 2…ming-this-summer

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Finale discussion…-review-spoilers/

Star Wars Celebration Orlando What we want to see
1. The last Jedi Trailer
2. Rebels Season 4 trailer
3. New David Filoni animated series (love this to be set after RTOJ aka Thrawn Trilogy and bring these books into canon)
4. Thrawn Book discussion
5. Han solo a Star Wars story teaser
6. Star Wars Battle Front two trailers – campaigns info, VR missions
7. Hasbro Toy releases:

a. The Ghost
b. Hondo + 3 Pirates
c. Grand Moff Tarkin
d. Wedge Antilles
e. Eighth Brother
f. Lando
g. AP-5
h. Obi-Wan
i. Bendu
j. Y-wing Fighter
k. Imperial Shuttle

1. Star Wars Episode 8 leaks
2. Iron Fist defies critics and SJW…ron-fist-season-1/
3. NINTENDO MINI Review…ic-edition/review/
4. WWE Wrestlemania Week