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Rebel Scum Radio -Star Wars Celebration Europe + San Diego Comic-Con Highlights

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 18

    Rebel Scum Radio

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio:
– Star Wars Celebration Europe Highlights
– Star Wars news from SDCC 2016
– SDCC Highlights news from DC & Marvel
– Transformers Combiner Wars
– Netflix Stranger Things
– Suicide Squad

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Transformers Combiner wars
Star Wars News
Star Wars Celebration Europe Highlights
1. Vader in Rogue One
2. Vader in VR
3. Grand Admiral Thrawn Rebels Season 3 + Zahn Thrawn Novel…that-thrawn-is-back
4. Ahsoka Tano Lives…ion-ahsoka-reveal
5. EA Panel – Star Wars Battle front Death Star (playable chewy & bossk), Bespin & Scarif DLC
6. 2018 Uncharted-style Star Wars story video game…rted-due-in-2018/
Star Wars Episode 8 Rian Johnson

Rogue One Theory: Ahsoka Tano to faceoff with Darth Vader to ensure Death Star plans make it to the Rebels. This is my theory and would be great conclusion to the Anakin-Ahsoka storyline.

Favourite Star Wars Celebration Panel
Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher
Anthony Daniels
Art of Story Telling – Lucasfilm
Star Wars EA Games
Rebels Panel
Rogue One
Ahsoka Panel

Star Wars news from SDCC – Hasbro toy news
UltraSaber Demo (Night)

SDCC 2016 Highlights
• Daredevil Season 3 confirmed, Luke Cage, Punisher, Iron Fist, Defenders series
Defenders Teaser
• Legion – Marvel X-men
• Agents of Shield – Ghost Rider
• Doctor Strange – the new Inception
• Guardians Galaxy Vol 2
• Spiderman Homecoming – Villain Vulture
• Thor Ragnarok (hulk confirmed)
• Brie Larsson Capt marvel
• Flash S2 (Flash point crossover to other shows), Arrow S5, Super Girl S2, Gotham S3, Legends of Tomorrow S2 (Legion of Doom)
• Wonder Woman Trailer…ic-con-trailer/
• Justice League teaser trailer
• Injustice 2 Video game

Michael Keaton Films
Mr Mom –
Working Class Man (Gung Ho) –

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Walk Off
Jean-Claude Van Damme – Dancing

Cult of Personality – Living Colour
Shaft – Issac Hayes Bernie-daly – Issac-hayes-shaft-high-quality
Star Wars – Darth Vader (PUNYASO Ft DanBeat Remix) Punyaso – Star-wars-darth-vader-punyaso
Dum Da Dum – Melodie MC