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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 23

    Rebel Scum Radio

Rebel Scum Radio – Season 2 Episode 7

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio:
– Rogue One International trailers & ticketing
– Rogue One 360
– Star Wars Rebels
– Han solo spin-off details
– Yoda origins story coming to comics
– Reys parents – when will they be known?
– Indiana Jones 5 news
– Voltron Live-action film

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Rogue One International Trailer

Rogue One Ticket sales dates…november.html

Rogue One 360 Experience

Eight characters confirmed for Han Solo spin-off film…n-off-movie-2018/

Yoda gets comic book which explains more about his past

Rey parents to be revealed in Episode 8

Indiana Jones 5 – requel/reboot…es-reboot-sequel/

Indiana Jones 5 – George Lucas not involved…s-5/#13d8def7cbc8

Voltron live action movie is on the way…on-not-animation

AI – Google Deepmind project can now learn without human input…hout-human-input/

Google’s new website lets you experiment with their AI projects…ents/#oIiNGasF15qt


Mini-me at Officeworks – be your own 3.75 inch figurine…py/3d/mini-me