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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 22

    Rebel Scum Radio

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio:
– Rogue One trailer review
– New droids for Xmas
– Star Wars Battlefront ultimate
– Red lightsabers explained
– UFOlogist’s mysterious death
– Turkish real-life Transformer (take note Michael Bay)
– Star Wars – The prequel Strikes back documentary discussion

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Rogue One Trailer

Star Wars Toy – mouse droid…-so-20-1787934714

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition…soon-this-holiday

Why darkside lightsabers are red explained…explanation-1652880

UFOologist found dead…iracy-theories/

Turkish Robot news…s_weird-news
The Prequels Strike Backs Review

Directed from filmmaker and prequel apologist Bradley Weatherhol
The “Star Wars” Prequels Trilogy is the most debated chapter in cinema’s greatest franchise. But what if moviegoers were only examining the films from a certain point of view? Filled with commentary from passionate fans and scholars of cinema, “The Prequels Strike Back” follows the travels of a bewildered fan as he attempts to unlock the method behind cinema’s most controversial trilogy and George Lucas, the even more controversial man behind them. He must unlearn what he has learned and look at the polarizing saga like never before.

Music links
Audiorockers & Matt Raiden – Dark Side (Star Wars Mix) supported by *NERVO & Timmy Trumpet*
Audiorockers – Audiorockers-matt-raiden-dark-side-star-wars-mix

Star Wars – Duel of the Fates (Dead C∆T Bounce & The Noisy Freaks Remix)
Dead-cat-bounce – Duel-of-the-fates-remix