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Rebel Scum Radio – Star Wars, Pokemon, TMNT2, Independance Day Resurgence (***SPOILERS***)

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 16

    Rebel Scum Radio

On Rebel Scum Radio’s Season 2 Premiere we discuss

– LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures – Watch it is awesome
– Star Wars 8 – it’s a wrap
– Rebels season 3 to link to new canon
– James Cameron sticks it JJ
– Transformers Combiner Wars
– TMNT 2 Review, ID4 2 review
– Pokemon go
– Missing Scientist found in secret LSD drug lab after 20 years
– Plus much much more

Star Wars News
LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures – Review…-20-on-disney-xd

Star Wars 8 Production Wrap Date…rap-date/

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 could link to future films…movies-1783011224

James Cameron – “Force Awakens Not up to scratch”…d-eat-less-meat/

Transformers Combiner Wars – First Thoughts…remiere-august/

***Movie Reviews***
TMNT 2 Discussion / Review
Independence Day: Resurgence Discussion Review
Ghostbusters – Answer the Call

***Weird News***
Cannabis ATMs in Jamaican Airport…airports-8333015

Butt Chugging Cough Syrup – yep it’s a thing…Ycw**&b=8069&s=1

Missing Scientist found in secret LSD drug lab after 20 years…-basement/?s=1

Open letter to man drying his balls at gym – it’s been a thing for 5 years…gym-locker-room

Living Colour – Cult of personality
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Turtle Power – Partners In Kryme

LL Cool J – Headsprung

The Living Tombstone – The Ghostbusters Theme (Remix)
Soundcloud: Swechimp – The-living-tombstone-the-ghostbusters-theme-remix

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