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Rebel Scum Radio – Star Wars Rogue One + Films that should never be re-made

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 19

    Rebel Scum Radio

Rebel Scum Radio – Season 2 Episode 3
In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio:
– Star Wars Rogue One Trailer
– Star Wars Rebels Release Announcement
– Is Episode 8 moving back to may 2017
– Timothy Zahn coming to Australia
– Film Remakes – we name our untouchable films

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Kenny Baker – R2D2 Tribute…life-passes-away

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer…ry-new-trailer/

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 to launch September 24th…day-september-24

Star Wars Episode 8 moving back to its May 2017 time slot?…-back-may-2017/

Rogue One confirmed to have flashback scenes…back-scenes

Timothy Zahn – FORCE V “The Fifth National STAR WARS Saga Convention of Australia”

***Film Remake Discussion ***
– The Last Starfighter
– Big Trouble in Little China
– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
– Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
– Gremlins

– Ace Ventura
– Anchorman
– Land Before Time
– Mrs Doubtfire
– Lord of the Rings

– Flight of the Navigator
– Akira
– Short Circuit
– Innerspace
– The Never Ending Story

*** Closing Segment ***

Breaking News – Hardened criminal on the loose after stealing penis pump…0812-gqrdga.html

Cult of Personality – Living Colour

Big Trouble in Little China ft. Action Bronson & Alice Russell
Dj-yoda-uk – Big-trouble-in-little-china-ft

Gremlins Theme (DANCE WITH THE DEAD Remix) Dancewiththedead – Gremilins-theme-dance-with-the-dead-remix

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Earstrip & Torha Bootleg mix) Earstrip – Michael-jackson-smooth-criminal-earstrip-torha-bootleg-mix-1