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Rebel Scum Radio – S01 E01 – Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Time Slips

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    Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 1

    Rebel Scum Radio

Welcome to the first ever edition of Rebel Scum Radio.

The scruffy band here at Rebel Scum Radio hold Star Wars and  pop culture close to our hearts and that is why we wanted to make this podcast. Not because there aren’t any great podcasts like ours that exist out there on the interwebs, but because we wanted to add an Australian voice to the mix.

So who are we? We are Karlos, Jim-Bob & Jono. Web designers and Graphic Designers by day, podcasters, nerds and everyday folk the rest of the time.

We will be talking about lots of different things Star Wars, Movies, Music, TV, Comics, Science, Technology, Paranormal, Pro Wrestling and some UFC (but that’s just our vision, for now, the show could go anywhere out wandering minds takes us).

There is going to be some crazy s**t pop-up now and again so sit back and enjoy the show.

This episode’s show links:

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Is Jar Jar a sith lord?…rained_force_user/

Star Wars run time…th-force-awakens/

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What grinds my gears! Jim-Bob on the every diminishing size of the Big Mac, Iced Vo-Vo’s and the classic Aussie biscut the Tim Tam

Time Travel/Slip Stories:
Man from Taured

Cell Phone in 1928 in Charlie Chaplin DVD?

Woman on Cell Phone in 1938?…e=9&v=s1R7pJXejnU

John Titor

Living Colour – Cult of personality
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Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition

Huey Lewis and the News – Power of Love
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