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Indiana Jones 5 : “It won’t be just a one-off”

indiana jones

Disney has big plans for Indiana Jones even if they are not totally clear. Disney CEO Bob Iger sat down with THR for an interview about Disney’s other big Lucasfilm franchise. In the interview Iger answers questions about plans for the “indy universe” and confirms there will be more films. THR: You have another Lucasfilm […]

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Transformers: Combiner Wars to premiere this August


Transformers: Combiner Wars was announced by Hasbro as the latest Transformers animated series and will launch on social media platform go90. Everyone’s favourite robots in disguise will first air on August 2nd 2016. Hasbro and Machinima unveiled the first images from Transformers: Combiner Wars during the announcement this week and the artwork looks amazing. Especially exciting […]

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New Star Wars Rogue One Photos Emerge

Deathtroopers prowling on a tundra

A new batch of photos from Star Wars Rogue One have emerged on EW this week. They look like mixture of heavily stylised marketing shots and film shots and they are just what the movie need to ease the concerns building amongst fan groups on the internet. Star Wars Rogue One hype is beginning to steadily build, and so […]

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Sony E3 Conference 2016 Highlights

Sony e3

The annual E3 gaming expo brings much excitement and anticipation (and a sprinkling of WTF) each year and 2016 was no exception. E3 kicked off big with the Sony press conference and it definitely had excitement. As a PlayStation devotee who has invested in pre-ordering the PlayStation VR I was sitting on the edge of […]

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(***SPOILERS***) Star Wars Rogue One Official Visual Story Guide leaks previously unknown characters and vehicles

Rogue One Cover

The preview of Star Wars Rogue One Official Visual Story Guide on the Edelweiss catalogue has presented 10 double-page spreads which provide previously unknown characters names, some new vehicles, as well as the classic Death Star plans. These were originally reported by JediBibliothek and show preliminary mock-ups of the cover and a few of the book’s […]

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TMNT Krang

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows has already pleased fans with their faithful translations of Bebob and Rocksteady. After much concern it looks like Krang, the evil alien brain from Dimension X, will stay pretty much on-point as well. In previous trailers and TV spots we have seen small glimpses of Krangs eye […]

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Crash Bandicoot to return to Playstation?

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot, the PlayStation classic, is rumoured to be making a return on the PS4. Could Crash make a surprise return at E3 this year? Crash Bandicoot was developed by Naughty Dog as a PlayStation exclusive in 1996. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the classic game franchise with fans hoping that a surprise Facebook […]

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