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Good Game : Star Wars Video Games Special

Star Wars Tie Fighter

This week Good Game aired their Star Wars gaming special looking back at the best and worst of Star Wars games. For those of you not familar with Good Game it is Australia’s #1 gaming show and is beyond awesome. The Good Game special features Star Wars The Old Republic – Knight of the Fallen Empire, Star Wars […]

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Quakescope – Quake on an oscilloscope

Quake on an oscilloscope  in real-time? Could it be done? Should it be done? Yes and Yes. Lets take a look back. Old analog oscilloscope displays are monochromatic CRTs designed to display waveforms when testing electrical signals, rendering 3D first person shooters isn’t really their “thing”. How does it work? Firstly, Using the scope in X-Y mode the headphone […]

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