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Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton – Movie Review

Travis Walton

The Travis Walton case is one of the first UFO and alien abduction cases I came accross as a youngster via the cinematic film Fire In the Sky. This film left an imprint of dread upon me that still lasts today.

However, as I researched the case more deeply, it soon became clear that the film had heavily dramatised the occurrances of that fateful night on November 5th 1975.

Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton, is a new documentry that recreates the incident of that day in the forest and the weeks that followed – all in the words of the Travis, his crew, and the townsfolk of Snowflake Arizona.

Travis and his friends struggled to make sense of the incident enduring public humiliation, and job losses. Travis has encountered life-long ridicule regarding his experiences.

This documentary reconfirms the notion that truth is stranger than fiction, and is the first time Travis Walton has been able to tell his story to the world.

Jennifer Stein has made a definitive documentary about Travis Walton.

“Someone needed to tell the real story in film, and the time was now in honor of the  40th anniversary of this event” explained  Jennifer.

”This is why I undertook the making of this film with Travis as my key witness along with the other men of the work crew and experts in the field. We explored this experience together in a collaborative approach.”

I can highly recommend this film to anyone interested in the UFO phenonomen as it is possibly the best (and most convincing) film I have ever seen on the topic of alien abduction.

You can buy it directly from the films website 


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