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Star Wars Prequels – What They Should Have Been

star wars prequels

The Star Wars Prequels We Deserved

Star Wars prequels have plagued many a fanboy for years on end. But one YouTuber named BanditIncorporated may have the answer the will bring peace to the realm.

BanditIncorporated spent a considerable amount of time creating these videos, It’s his own take on what the prequels could’ve been. Bandit narrates the story while doing voice acting for some of the characters, and also has other characters voiced by more voice actors.

Most noteworthy is the 2D animation, which is very nostalgic to watch especially with the funny photoshop edits. So if you have a few hours to spare, sit back and enjoy.

The ‘What It Should Be’ series, are a collection of videos that are half fan fiction and half an effort of prediction, as to what an upcoming or previously seen movie might be like.



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