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Stranger Things concept art hints at season 2 monster


Stranger Things has been the most acclaimed original Netflix TV shows and one of the most talked-about shows online this year. The ’80s inspired science fiction series has also dominated the ratings, surpassing Making a Murderer and House of Cards to become one of Netflix’s highest ratings shows ever.

It is the TV shows mixture of  Goonies, Aliens, Twin Peaks, Silent Hill, E.T. and the X-Files (and a killer soundtrack) that has fans raving about the creation of the Duffer brothers.

If you haven’t yet seen Stranger Things (what the hell have you been doing?) then stop here as spoilers ensue!

Recently ScreenCrush revealed concept art from Aaron Sims Creative that showcased some even more disturbing images from Upside-Down including the grizzly fate of poor Barb.

Aaron Sims Creative have developed stunning creatives for films such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsTransformers 3 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; as well as the acclaimed video game Infamous 2

The following gallery of images are the Rebel Scum Radio teams favourites from the batch of concept art that ASC artists created for Netflix’s smash-hit series Stranger Things.

We have added this at the end to avoid spoilers – but the eggs depicted in the concept art above have been confirmed to be unrelated to the Demogorgon monster seen in season one of Stranger Things. So there may well be bigger and badder monsters on the way in season two.

Eleven had better turn it up to 12.


For more images please go to the origanal ScreenCrush post here

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