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Has Luke Skywalker possibly turned to the dark side?


Could one of the most famous protagonists in pop culture history have crossed over to the dark side? Well this video by The Film Theorists seems to prove that Luke Skywalker could have possibly followed in his father’s foot steps. The points in the video make quite an argument, but we can’t say for sure until we see the […]

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Star Wars Exhibition at Silver K Gallery


Melbournian Star Wars fans it’s time to get your force on with the premier for ‘The Force Awakens’ only 13 days away. Silver K gallery is going to hold a Star Wars exhibition from the 12th of December to the 13th of March, most of the pieces will be fine art, and also feature characters from […]

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Epic ‘Star Wars’ Fan-Art

The internet has been ablaze with Star Wars fan-art ever since Disney bought the rights from George Lucas, amongst the sea of these creative designs, there are the few that truly stand out. The three pieces below were created by Colin Morella, whose alias is noble–6 on his deviantart profile. These posters depict scenes from the […]

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