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Hasbro Star Wars Toys Panel SDCC 2018


San Diego Comic-Con in on again in 2018 meaning that it is again time to get a glimpse into Hasbro’s plans for the Star Wars toy line for 2018-2019. While this is not a full outline of what will be released over the next 12-months, Hasbro panel members did tease that more would be released at other major expos and events in the near future. So at New York Comic-Con in early October will see another batch of figures and vehicles released to the public.

Notable mentions from the panels were:

  • Update on the Jabba the Hutt Sailbarge by Haslabs
  • The upcoming release of prequel trilogy focussed ForceFX Lightsabers for the 20th anniversary
  • Vintage Collection figure releases, most notably the character of Revan – they must be using this character soon
  • The next wave of Solo 3.75 POA figures – as mentioned in a previous blog post this could be a great modern line to collect
  • Black Series figures – notably long-haired Ezra Bridger
  • Black Series Archive – Hasbro is releasing a “hall of fame” for the Black Series starting with Boba Fett. While I pay little attention to this series having all the Bounty Hunters in this detail is super appealing.


Product Gallery for Vintage Collection Figures and Vehicles, Solo 3.75 5POA Figures, Solo Cardboard Playsets, Black Series Figures, Black Series Archive Figures


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